Privacy Policy

AMP Introductory Privacy Notice

This privacy notice explains why Ashford Medical Partnership (AMP) collects information about you, how we keep it safe and confidential and how that information may be used. The first section provides a summary of these areas followed by a section that explains in more detail on why and how we process information in different ways.

The Practice is computerised and registered under the Data Protection Act. Personal information remains confidential to the NHS unless you have given prior written consent for disclosure. Patient records may be audited for quality & clinical compliance purposes.

privacy policy

We provide a confidential service to all our patients, including those under the age of 16. Everyone working for the NHS has a legal duty to maintain the highest level of confidentiality in regards to patient information. Anything you say to any member of our team will remain confidential and not be passed on to any other party - including other family members, parents or carers – without your permission.

Below we have attached a copy of our updated full Privacy Notice as well as our Covid-19 COPI Privacy notice for your information

Privacy Notice.

COVID 19 COPI Privacy notice


The Subject Access Request Policy

The Subject Access Request Policy details how Ashford Medical Partnership will meet its legal obligations concerning individual’s access to their information. The requirements within the Policy are primarily based upon the DPA 1998 and EU GDPR 2018 as they are the key legislations covering rights to personal information.

This Subject Access Request Policy has been written to ensure that all staff of Ashford Medical Partnership are aware of their responsibilities to provide information if requested. This Policy also includes guidelines and information on how to request information of the deceased:

Subject Access Request Policy


Patient Data Opt Out Policy

This Policy and patient information leaflet describes the practice’s approach on Patients opting out of data sharing for direct care and secondary uses:

AMP Patient Opy Out Policy


Children and Vulnerable Adults

We have a professional, legal and moral obligation to report suspicions of neglect or abuse of children or vulnerable adults to the relevant authorities. We will do all we can to involve parents and carers in this process but there may be times when this proves impractical.


Summary Care Record

Certain parts of patient medical records will be shared within the NHS to provide effective care to patients outside their GP practice.  This will enable health care professionals to have quicker access to information about any medicines or allergies/bad reactions a patient may have had. The summary care record will contain Name, Date of Birth, NHS number, repeat medications, this information can only be accessed by an NHS professional that holds an NHS smart card that is password protected.

Personnel accessing information can only see parts that are relevant to their job. Health care staff will ask for a patient's permission every time they need to look at the summary care record.

If the patient is unable to be asked, i.e. they are unconscious, the health care professional may look into the record if it is for the good of the patient but a note will be placed in the medical records to show this.

If you wish to opt opt out please complete the form below and bring it to the practice.

Summary care records data opt-out

For more information please visit Summary Care record

Sharing of Patient Identifiable Data

Sharing of Patient Identifiable Data

ACR project for patients with diabetes

The data is being processed for the purpose of delivery of a programme, sponsored by NHS Digital, to monitor urine for indications of chronic kidney disease (CKD) which is recommended to be undertaken annually for patients at risk of chronic kidney disease e.g., patients living with diabetes.

The programme enables patients to test their kidney function from home. We will share your contact details with to enable them to contact you and confirm that you wish them to send you a test kit. This will help identify patients at risk of kidney disease and help us agree any early interventions that can be put in place for the benefit of your care. will only use your data for the purposes of delivering their service to you. If you do not wish to receive a home test kit from we will continue to manage your care within the Practice. are required to hold data we send them in line with retention periods outlined in the Records Management code of Practice for Health and Social Care.