PPG Meeting Minutes

Minutes of OnLine Meeting Held Tuesday 7 June 2022 at 18.30


  • David Usher (DU) – Chairman
  • Michael Bailey (MB) – Secretary
  • Dr N Kumta (NK) – General Practitioner – AMP
  • Tim Pethick (TP) – General Manager – AMP
  • Robert Shodunke (RS) – Clinical Pharmacist – AMP
  • 7 PPG Members


David Usher welcomed everyone to the PPG Meeting and introduced Tim Pethick.


4 apologies had been received by the Secretary.  MB advised that Dr Naky will not be attending the meeting as Dr Kumta is attending.

Minutes of Meeting of 1st March 2022:

Minutes agreed as a true record.

Matters Arising from Minutes of 1st March 2022:

Website / records access electronically – Website has been updated but there are still parts to correct. Still awaiting the dedicated email address for the PPG email for the Secretary and chair to access.

Fund Raising – £500 pounds is still being held, Lead Nurse Aine would like to spend the money on fridge data loggers. Need 7 loggers for Willesborough Health Centre, Singleton Health Centre and St Stephens Health Centre but they range from £108 to £155 each, will be reviewed and trial. PPG will not be able to fund all but would contribute towards them.

A.P. Tim to speak with James in regards to the email and data loggers.

Ashford Health and Well Being Up-date:

  • There have been 2 meetings
  • 1 held with all the Kent and Medway Chairs and some patients.
  • Another held with Ashford Wellbeing Group
  • The Integrated Care Board will become active from 1st July 2022 meaning that the K&M CCG will no longer exist. There is no clear information on how PPG’s will fit into this new structure.

Ashford Medical Partnership (AMP) Update:

Introduction from Tim Pethick – New general Manager, it is his 5th weeks in the role and first job in the NHS. Tp is a chartered accountant, he has a lot of experience in starting and managing businesses, he has been the CEO of Allied Health which had over 27,000 carers and 12,000 out of hours GP’s. TP has a lot of experience dealing with CQC through previous roles. TP has a focus and implement change, streamline and prepare for the CQC review. He is mainly based at Willesborough health Centre and realises that there is lots to learn. 

Dr NK confirmed that we have kept a full time GP from the training program from April and another from training program is going through Visa so will be able to work as soon as all papers sorted.

Dr Naky will be retiring in July but has a replacement to start in September from training programme. We are therefore not gaining any new as these are both replacements for staff leaving. 

We have no set date for CQC review, as they may do a virtual review by connecting to our system to check for the updates, they usually return 6-12 months which should be before December. 

MB explained the access data, the data shows that picture across all surgeries. PPG member expressed concern and being stuck in 2nd place on the phone system and waited 3.5 hours. NK advised that the access is actually up by 30% compared to pre-covid. The access issue is based on higher demand rather than change in clinical availability. NK advised regarding that Kent and Medway have one of the lowest number of GP’s per 100,000 patients as per map below. TP advised that if there are more call handlers there are not enough appointments for them to book into, PPG member asked in regards to use of pharmacy.  

CPCS – NK advised we are looking into this but current feedback from other surgeries is that a lot are returned to the surgery for GP input so may not actually be helpful, RS advised that community pharmacist have very limited options for treatment. 

NK advised the CCG campaign of Stop Think Choose

Feedback on music change has been well received.

HRT – With Clare being used for HRT it has meant that other clinics such as general contraception and child immunisations are falling behind and having a waiting list. It has then been decided that the HRT clinic will be removed and all the GP’s will be dealing with HRT and menopause to ensure that their skills are maintained and can refer on if needed. With the shortage of the HRT prescription items, pharmacists have a Serious shortage protocol which shows what the pharmacy can change if issue with supply. 

TP advised that our average patient age is 37, PPG asked for population breakdown to be shared. 

AMP Patient Participation Group Policy Update:

  • The Policy and Terms of Reference made from the Patients Association Templates  had been sent to Lois Cavallaro for agreement a while back. Agreement is still awaited. 
  • NK advised that CCG involvement suggested that it should just be a terms of reference

A.P. TP to contact CCG/LMC for terms of reference

Any Other Business:

  • PPG member asked if we use locum GP’s. NK advised that we have not used any since 2020.
  • PPG asked if there was any information that can be shared to promote the use of pharmacies – covered by the ‘Stop Think Choose’ campaign.

Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 6th September 2022 in person at Willesborough Health centre. DU thanked everyone for attending the meeting.