PPG Meeting Minutes

Minutes of OnLine Meeting Held Tuesday 1 March 2022 at 18.30


  • David Usher (DU) – Chairman
  • Michael Bailey (MB) – Secretary
  • Dr A Naky (AN) – General Practitioner – AMP
  • Jo Padmore (JP) – Pharmacy Technician – AMP
  • Robert Shodunke (RS) – Clinical Pharmacist – AMP
  • Cyrus Keeka (CK) – Ashford Health and Well Being Representative
  • 6 PPG Members


4 apologies had been received by the Secretary.  MB advised that Sian Webb and Lois Cavallaro are unable to attend the meeting.

Minutes of Meeting of 7th December 2021:

Minutes agreed as a true record.

Matters Arising from Minutes of 7th December 2021:

Website / records access electronically – Website has been updated but there are still parts to correct. Still awaiting the dedicated email address for the PPG email for the Secretary and chair to access.

Fund Raising – £500 pounds is still being held, Lead Nurse Aine would like to spend the money on fridge data loggers. Need 7 loggers for Willesborough Health Centre, Singleton Health Centre and St Stephens Health Centre but they range from £108 to £155 each, will be reviewed and trial. PPG will not be able to fund all but would contribute towards them. 

Ashford Health and Well Being Up-date:

Update given by CK

  • Meeting held on 9th February and had 12 attendees. 
  • First presentation given by KCC regarding Kent adult carers strategy trying to amalgamate all the carers under one register as each GP has their own register. It was felt that some patients do not necessarily know who to contact apart from the surgery. KCC review to improve contacts between the carers and the NHS so everyone knows who to contact. Young and Ethnic carers are still not providing details to help with trials to ensure everyone is supported. AN advised that carers are recorded and overseen by a carers champion within the administration team. Carers account for 1% of the population, it is very difficult to keep the register up to date as patients do not keep us updated with their situation.  
  • Second presentation was given regarding the integrated community equipment and wheelchairs. They are trying to combine all services into one place as the different equipment is distributed and provided by different departments. The plan is to ensure that all equipment is accounted for as some are given out with no reviews or contact made for aftercare or if the equipment is needed. 
  • Chris Morley (Chairman) has informed that the Kent and Medway Integrated Care Board will replace the CCG in July instead of June as planned.  
  • Next meeting 9th March.

Ashford Medical Partnership (AMP) Update:

1.CQC Visit

  • AN gave update to say that the visit happened on 30th November and report issued on 17th January. We have passed with an overall Amber which is ‘Requires Improvement’ but we had some elements rated as ‘Good’. 
  • A General Practitioner at CQC carried out some remote searches on our clinical system, this overall was good however due to the pandemic routine bloods tests were not carried out. This being said a plan is in place to catch up on chronic disease management. They have found inconsistency in coding but these have come from third party coding, such as the coded that are imported from hospital letters and secondary care. All outcomes from the report have been done. 
  • No issues found at Willesborough health centre. The main issues were found at St Stephens Health centre as it is a shared occupancy building with a pharmacy. We have no control over most elements of the building, highlighting things such as the clinical waste and the fire evacuation procedure. Conversations have happened with NHSP to address these items.
  • Staff training and records were not updated due to a rapid turnover of staff, as AMP have a full staff quota this should not be a problem going forward.  
  • Re-inspection is expected to be done via remote or in person but is expected at about a 6 month interval after the initial inspection. 
  • AN thanks PPG and David for the support and comments in the CQC inspections.
  • AN advised that our nursing team is above the national average, we have 120 staff members on our payroll. Acknowledge that all staff work very hard especially those answering the phones as they take the abuse from the patients. 
  • AMP will be taking on a full time GP in April and august, as well as a Nurse practitioner in end of March.
  • DU offered support from PPG for support on CQC

Direct link to our CQC report

2. Phones & eConsult stats

  • DU acknowledged the volume of calls and averaged out a call every 2 minutes. The eConsult numbers had come down from last June but this was explained as the opening hours had been decreased to ensure a safe service is provided. MB expressed that within the first hour on 28th February AMP received 105 eConsults to process. 
  • AN advised that we our responding to the demand, so if we increase the eConsult it will mean a reduction in telephone appointments. AMP are reviewing the access almost every week and looking to offer more pre-bookable appointments.
  • AN advised that AMP are always looking at the national directive as well as the local demand, we are aware that about 14% of our population are over 65 and therefore may not be able to use the technology and the ethnic population that may need to prebook appointment to allow translators. The reception staff are trying to book the right aliment for the right person as we have a diverse clinical group including Nurse practitioners, First choice practitioners (physio / MSK), Physicians Associate and GP’s. The human touch may be causing the slight delays on the phones as the calls may be taking about 5 minutes rather than 30 seconds. 
  • JP advised that we are about to roll out the Community pharmacy as a PPG member advised that about 40% of aliments could be managed in the community but there is an element of cost. AMP is in the process of rolling out this option.

AMP Patient Participation Group Policy Update:

  • DU advised that he is still waiting for the policy as an AGM is needed as this has not been held since AMP merged in 2019. DU advised that the PPG would be split to have a small committee of about 15 members (including an appointed Chair, Secretary and potentially a treasurer) to hold the meetings.
  • All patients would be in the virtual PPG, as everyone registered with Ashford Medical Partnership would be entitled and have access to the information discussed at the meetings.
  • The fund-raising element of the PPG could potentially create ‘The friends of Ashford Medical Partnership’ as a charity.
  • AN advised that he would speak to LC on her return regarding the policy.

Any Other Business:

  • PPG member raised concern over repeat prescription. AN advised the best way would be to request online request or via email. Prescription requests are not accepted over phone as there are high probability of mistakes especially when pronouncing the medication.
  • RS advised about electronic repeat prescription. This is when a year’s prescription is automatically released on a monthly basis to the pharmacy to dispense. At the end of the year, the patient will be recalled for a review and blood tests if needed. However it is not suitable for everyone. JP advised that if the patient is stable on the medication, it could be a 56-day supply reducing the workload for everyone. The pharmacy can dispense slight early if they agree on the reason for needing it early, for example going away on holiday.

Date of Next Meeting:

DU thanked everyone for attending the meeting.  No date set for next meeting due to the need of an AGM.