All staff at the practice have a duty to preserve the absolute confidentiality of all patient information and this obligation continues in perpetuity. All staff sign a confidentiality agreement.

Information is only given to a third party upon receipt of a satisfactory written consent. Patient data held on the practice computer system is managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

Information Sharing

If you wish to send information to the Practice via email please confirm that you have read our Information Sharing Agreement and confirm that you have done so in your email. This applies whether you are sending in information at the request of one of our staff or not.

Submitting information to the Practice via email

To facilitate timely and effective care for patients our clinicians will occasionally request that patients submit information via email. Whether in the form of text or images any information submitted at the request of the clinician will be sent to a secure email account, the address of which the patient will be advised before any submission is made.

In submitting information electronically a patient, or anyone acting on their behalf with the patient’s express written consent, accepts responsibility for the security of the email account from which the information is sent. Ashford Medical Partnership (Dr Naky and Partners) accepts no liability for unsecured email addresses from which data is sent to us. We are responsible for the security of information once it is received into the designated email account and undertake to comply with all relevant legislation concerning patient confidentiality on receipt of such information.

Where a patient or their approved representative is offered the option to submit information to us electronically they will be referred to this agreement which is displayed within all our premises and on our website.

When submitting information the sender will be required to include a statement confirming that they have read and consent to the conditions specified above.

Any information provided including photographic images will be saved on the patient’s electornic record unless they specifically request that it is not.