Price List for Non-NHS Services April 2024

‘To whom it may concern letter (simple)£40.00
To whom it may concern letter( complex)£60.00
Private sick note£40.00
Firearms/shotgun medical report£70.00
Pro-formas (simple 1 page)£50.00
Pro-formas (complex)£90.00
Private prescription for drugs not needed immediately by patients travelling abroad£40.00
Holiday cancellation Form – (Simple 1 page)£50.00
Holiday cancellation Form – (Complex)£90.00
BUPA/Private referral information/ Certification£50.00
Power of Attorney for mental capacity only: In Surgery
At Patient’s Home
£180  / £220.00
Insurance pro forma – Hand written completion by GP IGPR  £110.00 £60.00
Report on prospective subscriber£60.00
  Accident full medical & report  £170.00
Sickness/accident benefit claim form (extract from notes)£72.00
Sickness/accident short certificate without examination£20.00
Employer’s report and opinion without examination£100.00
Employer’s report and opinion with examination£160.00
Copies of reports for patients no charge GDPR –  can charge per copy is excessive (SAR)0.10 per copy

DS 1500 form

No charge
Housing reports- Request from local authority only
Examination & report Report only

DSA form- SFE-Disabled Students Allowance£40.00
HGV, LGV, PCV, taxi driver examination with/without full medical£170.00
Fitness to exercise examination and report Proforma (Simple)  Proforma (Complex)£170.00 £50.00 £100.00
Nursing/Residential Home Assessment. Report Only Examination & Report£100.00 £170.00
Child Minder Ofsted Declaration Form£75.00
Police health questionnaire£75.00
ADOPTION FORMS              2024 FEE
Initial Health Assessment (IHA) – Looked after child£81.50
Form AH – Health Assessment prospective carer£90.00
Form AG2 – update report, parent/carer£40.00
VOC Cert DVLA£30.00
Series 2 pro forma DVLA£44.00
Visual fields copy from records£46.00
VOC Testing ECG DVLA£133.00
Local Authority PCV/LGV driver£133.00
Mental Health Act sectioning (part 2 – not 12/2 approved)80.00
Consultation with a doctor 10 minutes£70.00
Consultation with nurse£35.00
Home visit£80.00
Telephone consultation with doctor/Email response£50.00
Private prescription without a consultation£40.00
Referral letter to private consultant£40.00
Fees for tests and investigations will vary according to the tests required