People who are booking for their first dose of COVID vaccine 

We are collaborating with Ashford Stour PCN with regards to future covid vaccinations.

This is through the National Booking Service which can be booked online  and will be provided at Musgrove Park Surgery

We started on 14th May and is running smoothly, however some patients did arrive at Musgrove on Sunday who thought they had a booking but had not completed correctly.

The reason for this is when you book first dose, you MUST book your second at the same time, even if there is not at a local appointment(you can amend at a later stage). If you do not book the second, the first gets cancelled.

Please let people know so we do no not have any more disappointed patients. We were not aware of this ourselves until the problem arose at the weekend. If you wish to have your vaccine at Musgrove Park Surgery , you will need to choose ASHFORD STOUR PCN or ask 119 for this vaccination site when you telephone them. Please do not call Musgrove Surgery to book this.

Published: May 21, 2021